Computer modeling is also used as a tool to visualize the elements of the building as the work is in progress; to study different lighting conditions and to study various layout and furniture possibilities

The rendering engine used is Maxwell Render ensuring an extremely realistic and physically accurate lighting and photo-realistic material representation

Part of the architectural practice of STANTON-ABBOTT ASSOCIATES is to visualize in the most accurate way possible the representation of the architectural project.

As well as new architectural projects this has also included the reconstruction of Roman and other ancient buildings for THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART and THE WORCESTER ART MUSEUM in order to revisualize their existence in their landscape setting.

The images contained on these pages show some of the many ways of using computer modeling and rendering to give as clear an idea as possible of the feeling and form of the finished building. Great emphasis is placed on the emotive quality of the building in its setting.

Many of these renderings were used as marketing tools on development projects.

Stanton-Abbott Associates